BombSweeper 1.5

Mine sweeper game for Java (J2ME) phones

BombSweeper is a j2me/midp1.0 version of the classic game Mine sweeper.

Use GameA key to switch mode between clear and tag. On touchscreen devices you can also click at the bottom black border. A text at the bottom right says "Tagging" or "Clearing".

Use Fire button (usually the action button in the middle of the four-way arrow-like buttons) to execute the mode (clear or tag). Or, on touchscreen devices you can just point on the brick to clear/tag.


  • Saves highscores with top 5 best scores
  • Will work on any midp/1.0 capable device
  • Uses FullScreen on Nokia and midp/2.0 devices
  • Support for pointer based devices, like P800+/A925+ etc

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BombSweeper 1.5